A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home
The Brown Ranch Commuinty is located just 1 mile East of the Montrose Rec Center and 1/2 a mile for the Bridges Golf Course.
Located within the Brown Ranch there are Walking Trails, Open Spaces, Parks and Views.  Single Family Lot sizes range in size from 1/4 acre to 3/4 acre. The Minmum size home that you would have to build is 2000 sq ft on the smaller lots, and 2500 sq ft on the larger lots.
The larger lots have under ground irrigation water piped to them. The irrigation water is included in th eannual HOA Dues which for the larger lots are currently $475 a year. 

There is no time frame within which you must build, you can buy and hold. Lot prices start at $43,800 for a 1/2 acre lot. If you are looking for a builder I can give you the names of quite a few builders who would do an excellent job. 

Coming in Spring 2018 there will be Patio Home floor plans and lots to choose from. Plans and prices are still in the design process. The street of 29 lots is under contstruction and is due to be complet in April 2018.  Contact me for further updated details.

I have created a link here to the Brown Ranch web site. Here you can see a video and more photos. plus Design guidelines, Covenants, and HOA information